Financial Assistance

Have you ever experienced financial hardship?

Whether it’s in your personal or business life and you are unable to meet contractual obligations due to unexpected events or unforeseen changes, assistance may be appropriate.

Reasons you need financial assistance could includes:

  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Emergency events or natural disasters
  • Changes in employment status (redundancy or reduced hours)
  • Significant life events such as relationship issues or a death in the family

Tailored Accounting Solutions offer advice and solutions to overcome your current financial restraints.

From credit cards, home loans, car loans or utilities (gas, rates, water, electricity), to telephone or internet bills that have trouble paying on time; upon request variations to current contracts may be applied.

We provide after-hours appointments for your convenience and can come to you to discuss your needs and services required. With reduced rates to help you with your current financial situation, we help you achieve financial clarity.